Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Playing the waiting game

It's been awhile since the last post, but things are chugging along nicely. Some important dates in the process so far that have occurred since then:
  • 29th March - Settlement on land
  • 17th April - Building contract signed with Wisdom Homes
I have to say, it has definitely been a learning experience so far. We went into this process with the knowledge that there will be hiccups along the way but never expected that it would come at what is seemingly the most straightforward part of the process: settlement on the land purchase with Investa/Boral.

Settlement was delayed by almost 3 weeks because the solicitors for the sellers had lost the transfer documents, which they did not realise until 9am the morning of the original settlement date! 

Truthfully, each party we have had to engage with in the process so far have been fantastic & very helpful, save for the vendors' lawyers. The real standout for me here was definitely our lender from ANZ. His professionalism and prompt replies to all our concerns & queries impressed even my picky customer service side.

So with the contracts signing now out of the way, our next focus will be on all the plethora of upcoming appointments. We're talking external & internal colours selections, landscaping plan design, talking to the kitchen guys to discuss things like benchtop surfaces, meeting with the electrical peoples to map out our electricals plan, and finally picking our tiles/carpets.

Exciting times, onwards & upwards...

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